Saturday, January 01, 2005

Good Morning

As the country wakes up with a groan and a blind fumble for the Advil, I want to put out my New Years wish. May the growing cooperation around the disaster in SE Asia be the feeling that takes us through 2005. Lord knows the world needs more of that.

Let's see..... What have I been up to the last few days? Well, we cooked the giant ham. Roasted it at 250 for about 8 hours, took off the skin and spent a glorious few minutes standing in the kitchen eating glazed bits of pig skin. It turned out pretty well, but we now have 20lbs of ham in the freezer. I see much pork in the future. Ham sandwiches, ham salad, ham and eggs, sliced get the picture. If anyone has a really good recipe that uses a lot of ham, I would love to have it.

Went to a funeral on Dec 31. The Husband's Great Uncle B passed away on Christmas Eve. He went to the barn to feed the cats, and had a heart attack. By the time his family found him it was too late. I had only met him twice, but he seemed like a really nice man. The service was in the Husband's childhood church. It was very tiny, but packed full. Good-Bye Uncle B, you will be missed.

Went out last night with our tall friends. We went to the Dawghouse and drank and danced. There were even a few (5) rounds of shooters purchased for me. I did my traditional flirty drunken dance, and had a lot of fun. The Husband had to work, and did not arrive until 1:30. I missed him at Midnight, but this way there was someone who had not been drinking to take me home. I would have taken a cab if he had not been there.

Well, that's about it for recent events, and there really isn't much planned for the next few days. I think we all need some time to recover from the holidays.

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