Saturday, January 22, 2005

IMBB 11 – Beans, beans the musical fruit (or; The great soup disaster or 2005)

Welcome to IMBB, the world wide food blogging event, hosted this month by Cathy of My little Kitchen. This time around our theme is Beans. Legumes that is, they were very specific about no jelly beans. Which is too bad because I am sure I could have made a mean Jelly Belly Casserole. Oh well….. (snerk)

I decided to make a big pot of Split Pea Soup. We had the lovely Ham bone left over from the cooking of the Giant Ham and I thought that would make a great flavour base.

So into the Crock-Pot I put the bones, a whole bag of yellow split peas, a whole onion that I had quartered, a bay leaf and some sage from the garden. I covered the whole mess in water, added some pepper and turned on the pot.

The nice thing about using the Crock-Pot is being able to walk away and go do other things. I made dinner. We watched TV. We hung out and talked. After about four hours you could really smell the soup all through the apartment.

I fished the used bones out of my soup and got my handy-dandy immersion blender out of the cabinet. Less than 30 seconds and I had wonderful creamy soup. I grabbed some of the leftover ham and chopped it and added it to the soup. The chunks made a nice contrast to the smoothness of the soup.I put some of the soup into a storage container and into the fridge. I put the rest in freezer bags for later and laid them on the freezer to cool a little before they went in. I didn’t want the heat from my soup to melt the other things in my freezer. It was late and I work early, so the Husband swore up and down that he was going to clean the kitchen and put away the soup before he went to bed. You can see where this is going, can’t you. I woke up the next morning at 5:30am and found the soup still on the counter. We had to throw it all out, because it had been sitting there for 9 hours. If anyone is curious you can check out the Food Safety Information Society for more info.

I did put away that bit in the fridge, so I have the photo to show you.

Fang wanted some too!

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