Tuesday, March 29, 2005

One Weak Attempt

Okay. At this point everyone and their brother has weighed in on the Terry Schiavo fuss. This is my one weak attempt.

Personally I think the lady is dead and has been for 15 years. Let her die already.Even if she never told her Husband that she didn't want to be kept alive this way and she is still mentally in there, don't you think that she might have changed her mind after living like that for so long? Would you want to live like that?

The protesters outside the hospice should get a life already. They are making life miserable for the other people that are suffering there and their families. Also, if they turned all the energy some where else, think of all the good they could do in the world.

Please discuss what you would like done with more than one family member. Even better get it down in writing. Preferably notarized. Like in a living will or other directives. I know these are not legal everywhere, but just having it written down and signed could go a long way in preventing something like this from happening again.

The Husband and I have our wills done with parts included to address just that. No I won't tell you, and no you aren't in the will so don't bother sucking up.

Thus endeth my stab at Current Events.Tomorrow we will return to my regular blogging of my boring everyday life. Whee!

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