Friday, August 12, 2005

Sugar High Friday - Coffee

Once again it's time for Sugar High Friday, a community Blogging event created by The Domestic Goddess. This month we are hosted by Ronald of loveSicily and our theme is coffee. Our only restiction was to not make Tiramisu.

Now I don't drink coffee, not because of the taste, but because of the effect caffeine has on my body and brain. The Husband on the other hand can drink a cup right before bed.

And one of his favorite ways to drink coffee (besides injecting it straight into his veins... ha ha) is Veitnamese iced coffee. Little drip espresso maker on top, big scoop of sweetened condensed milk underneath, stir and add ice to cool. He has this everytime we go out for vietnamese food, which is often as we love it. It was also the main reason we decided to get an espresso maker.

But some days it's just too hot to even turn on the stove to brew up that pot. So I took it one step further. And hence:

Vietnamese Coffee Popsicle

Extremely simple to prepare.

Step one: Prepare espresso or very strong coffee.

Step two: Add sweetened condensed milk to taste.

Step Three: Add ice cubes to cool and dilute, also to taste.

Step Four: Pour in Popsicle molds and freeze overnight.

I tasted one and it was fab. The condensed milk made it creamy and the coffee was nice and bitter. I am heading off for the weekend and fully expect the Husband to have eaten them all by the time I return.

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