Tuesday, September 20, 2005

New Machine!

My Mom and Dad are the best. I told them about the death of the Machine and they promised they would try and find me a new one for my birthday. But they have already delivered! I got my new to me machine last night.

They found it in the annual Owen Sound Stuff Swap. People put stuff out on the curb that they don't want and thr whole town takes to the streets to find stuff that they do. The people across the street from their place put out a machine. It's not quite as fancy as the last one but it works and it was free.

And that's the best part. Free. Because it's free I still get a birthday present! Yay! I don't really need anything and I am quite happy with my early present of my machine, but Mom will insist.

Plus, if it breaks in a year I wont care because it's free!

So now I can go back to working out at home. But I had acutally started to enjoy the Gym. I think I can do both.

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