Sunday, November 20, 2005


Tomorrow I turn 28. That's perilously close to 30. The Husband is taking me out to dinner. But I think that's the only plans.

Last Tuesday the parents came into town and took us out for vegetarian Chinese. It was really good. We had hot and sour soup, kung pao (not) chicken, soy ham fried rice, curry vermichelli and tofu hot pot. I really couldn't tell that the meat was fake but it was kind of nice knowing that that odd chewy bit was vegetarian. (that's what sometimes squicks me out about Chinese food, unidentifiable meat bits)

This morning the Husband made me my birthday breakfast, sausage and mushroom omlettes. I work tomorrow at 6am and at that time of day I don't feel like eating much. So I got it today. He is also baking me a cake.

I have started with the crazy work schedule again, looks like last Thursday was my last day off until Christmas Eve. Whooooo! Busy!

I have three Christmas presents bought and wrapped and one already on order. That leaves me only 5 or 6 more to do. But I think I will wait on making the caramel corn until closer to the actual date, it's much better fresh.

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