Saturday, December 03, 2005

My feet hurt and other random thingummys

Today my feet hurt pretty bad. It's a dull ache and they are really stiff. Nothing a good massage couldnt cure, I'm sure but thats not likely to happen.

Yesterday was Randi's Birthday. We are going for lunch on Wednesday and I am taking her a present and buying the food. Happy Birthday!

Last night we went over to some friends place. We sat around and shot the shit and the Husband showed his "magic" card trick. There were also loud kids and pizza.

Fang can climb down the back of our dresser if you leave a drawer open. He then sqwaks if you try and close the drawer.

Thursday night I made cookies and when I tried to take them out of the oven they slid off the parchment and onto the floor of the oven. The parchment caught fire. I did manage to save 2 dozen cookies but I lost almost as many.

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Randi said...

I laughed about the cookies and I know I shouldnt have, but I did. LOL. See you on Wednesday.