Friday, February 10, 2006

Drinking age

I was having a chat with Musicgirl the other day and the conversation drifted around to the drinking age. Here in Ontario you can't legally drink until you are 19. In Quebec it's 18.

We had a few ideas come up. One was to switch the drinking and driving ages. Make it legal to drink at 16 and drive at 19. That would give people a few years to drink and get it out of their system. It would prevent a lot of drinking and driving and kids could learn their limits. There would also be more drinking at home because it was legal and parents could supervise.

I ended up talking to the Husband about it too. Legally you are an adult at 18. You can marry, join the army, vote and enter into legally binding contracts. But you can't buy a beer. It's worse in the states. There you have to wait 3 years after the age of majority to drink.

What this does effectivly is create two classes of adults. Adults who are fully adult with all rights and freedoms. And adults who are trusted with guns and contracts but not with alcohol. So are you an adult at 18 or not? If you are then that should be the effective age for ALL Adult rights. If being 18 doesnt make you and adult then the age for ALL adult rights whould be raised to 19.

Having a disparity between Legal Adulthuud and the Drinking age is just silly.

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