Sunday, April 09, 2006

Wedding cake top

Wedding cake top
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The very top layer of your wedding cake is supposed to go in the freezer and you are (traditionally) supposed to eat it on your first anniversary, or your first child.

We didn't do that; it stayed in our freezer all through our first anniversary, through our second and our second and a half. We kept thinking we wanted to save it for something really special - something really important.

So when we finally broke into it today what was the special occasion?

The freezer Broke.
And it wouldn't fit in the smaller one.

But, the cake was good!

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moon said...

Well, if you enjoyed it together..that's whats important..u celebrated having to eat it to save for me lol, specially if the cake was good .
I will be picking out my wedding cake in a few weeks....It's already booked ofcourse...its just the details we have to chose now...I can't wait!