Tuesday, June 27, 2006

What we did this weekend

Close up of cow
Originally uploaded by Pookiefatcat.

We went to visit the farm, saw the cows and the horses, played with the kittens, made BBQ Pizza for my Mother in law, went dancing, got drunk, ate too much, went 4-wheeling, talked a lot, ate some more and got bitten by a lot of Mosquitos.

What did you do?

(this is one of the new cows on the farm. It's going to be shown by one of my neices this year and will produce another cow sometine in January)

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moon said...

Sounded like you had an awesome weekend.
Mine was quiet...hubby works weekends. I usually take a day off during the weekend from my handicapped borders. Last week, we went to one of our favorite resturants and had mouth watering bbq ribs..and got some shopping done..