Friday, December 29, 2006

Resolutions for the New Year

10 things I want to accomplish this year.

1. Unpack the House.

2. Get back to cooking - We have been doing take out and easy things for too long. I need a challenge.

3. Plant a vegetable garden - there is already a space for one, we just need to add some manure and go to town!

4. Use what I grow.

5. Swiffer more often.

6. Blog more than once a week - I really fell off the blog wagon these past few months. Now we have 2 computers and I have no excuses.

7. Make the "No Knead Bread" that everyone is raving about.

8. Explore my new neighborhood.

9. Read 12 books for pleasure (and blog about it!)

10. Travel somewhere in Canada I have never been.

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