Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Low Cost Cooking

Because of the new house we are a little tight in the money department. (Wait, what gas bill?)

So I am working on adopting a new style of cooking. The low cost style.

It starts with a bit of menu planning. No more off the cuff meals for us, I am planning out our weeks ahead of time. This helps me to keep our costs down by both making me buy only exactly what we will eat and by making me take advantage of the weekly sales.

It also tends to keep our portions small which is good for the waist.

This week we had Swiss and mushroom burgers on Monday, Catfish with rice and peas on Tuesday and Lamb Shanks tonight. We have Quiche on tap for tomorrow and pizza for Friday.

And all this plus breakfasts and lunches for under 100$ a week! I know to some people that 100$ a week for food probably sounds excessive and I am working on cutting it down to 80$ but it is going to take us a while to adjust.

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Anonymous said...

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