Saturday, June 28, 2008


The main reason I restarted this blog was an invitation from Jasmine of Confessions of a Cardamom Addict to participate in a Canada Day food blogging event. She invited Canadian bloggers (and honorary Canadians and Ex-Pats) to write about the food that means Canada to them. So here we go.....
What does Canada taste like to me? Difficult question. Canada tastes like lots of things.
Toasted tomato sandwiches taste a lot like Canada to me.
Toasted bread, drippy tomatoes, oozy mayo and a sprinkle of salt. Mmm.
Every summer growing up we had baskets of fresh tomatoes, jars of mayo and the toaster on the table for breakfast. Everyone made their own. More mayo/less mayo, lots of pepper/no pepper, it's up to you. We used the old toaster, the one where you had to flip the toast halfway through because it only did one side at a time.
You could eat as many as you wanted and the tomatoes always tasted like REAL tomatoes. They came from our backyard or the farmers market and dripped red goo everywhere. And we all sat together and licked our fingers and elbows and ate.
That tastes like Canada to me.


jasmine said...

Welcome back!

So glad you've come back and returned with this post. Yes--even though I'm not a fan of raw tomatoes--I can definitely remember the fuller flavour of those fruits from my parents' and neighbours' vines as opposed to the orange and green tinted hardballs available in the shops.

Thanks for participating :)


linda said...

One of my favourite summer tastes!

Anonymous said...

Sometimes it really is the simplest things that taste the best. I grew up eating a version of this. In the afternoon my grandmother would make them for me as a snack.

Anonymous said...

THIS is simply awesome - great post :) I love love love these sandwiches and make them all the time - you just can't go wrong with delicious tomatoes and crispy toast :)

Parker said...

That is definetly a classic Canadian lunch for me growing up and even now. Love the fresh garden tomatoes with salt, pepper and mayo!

Helene said...

Nice of you to come back. We had a farm and had access to fresh tomatoes in the garden. We ate so many tomato sandwich. I still like it but find it difficult to find fresh tomatoes around here.