Tuesday, December 28, 2004

Cow aspirin: Quadruple coated for four stomachs

I hope everyone had a great Christmas. We did the whole late night driving, multiple relatives and too much food thing. We ended up leaving about 9:30 on Christmas eve, and made it to the Husband's Parent's house by 1:00am.

Christmas morning we slept in and hung around the house with his Father, Grandfather and Step-grandmother. His mother had to work Christmas until 3:00. After lunch we went to visit my Great Uncle and Great Aunt. We had a nice visit, chatted for about an hour and exchanged presents. We gave them cookies, they gave us money. I had sent a flower arrangement earlier in the week, and I took a perverse pleasure when I saw that it was bigger and nicer than the one his daughter had sent. Evil of me I know.

We had Christmas dinner at his Sister's house and we ate far too much. The food was very good, turkey and stuffing and all the fixings. After dinner we went back to his parents house for presents. I got some very lovely stuff from Santa. A book I wanted, a nice sweater, a necklace and earrings, a beautiful shawl and some nice vases. The husband was very pleased with his MP3 player and can't wait to get it all set up.

Boxing day, the whole fang-damily had lunch at his parents house. All 17 of them. It makes for a very, very crowded house. There a 4 in my family. It can be a little overwhelming. We had roast beef, and Yorkshire puddings. There was even a Christmas pudding that we lit on fire.

Monday we drove his Sister and Niece home and headed up to Smith's Falls to visit my Aunt and Uncle. They have a really nice house with a great view out the back. I think I saw five deer this time. We exchanged gifts with them too, and had some lunch.

We also took their cat to the vet to get her spaying stitches out. Their vet is also a farm vet, and there were shelves of Cow and Horse medications in the waiting room. There was one jar of Cow Aspirin. Really! The pills were the size of dog biscuits and they were clearly labeled "acetylsalicylic acid - for veterinary use only" We riffed off that all the way home. "Cow aspirin - for today's modern bovine headache" Use it during breeding season - now she won't have and excuse"And so on.

We made it home today, after a few white-knuckled hours on the 401. There were quite a few accidents, and a lot of slowdowns. But I made it to work on time! Go Husband!

It's back to the other job tomorrow morning, and Christmas is over. Just like that, Poof! All the planning and excitement are done. Nothing left but the indigestion and diets.

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