Wednesday, December 08, 2004

He makes me so angry

Yesterday was a very long day. I started my regular job at 6:30 and then had my first day at the new job at 3:30. I finished that at 7:00, got home and the Husband announced that his father was in town and wanted us to go out to dinner with him. So we turned around and went out. We picked his Dad up at the Flying J truck stop, and headed out to the restaurant.

We had decided to go to Tony Roma's for dinner, because Dear old Dad is on the Atkins diet and likes lots of meat. No pizza or pasta for this guy. The ribs were actually pretty good, and I had some beans and a baked potato too. Tasty. I think we would go back, but there are so many other places to go, it's not really at the top of our priority list. Fine, but unexciting I guess.

But back to the part that makes me mad. We got to talking politics and talking about the States. (I know, I know, my fault, should have kept the conversation to lighter topics, like when we are going to have kids. I tried, I really did!) Now, my father-in-law and I have very different views. He believes that Ronald Reagan was the best President the States ever had, with Bush Jr. following close behind. Of course, you all probably know my views on the subject. We also got into why he thinks Texas would be the best place ever to live, and why Canada sucks. (I am sure Texas is a fine place to live. I just like it here.) After 15 minutes of "Canada sucks, public healthcare is a scam, QueerBec should leave Canada, the American Economy isn't tanking - Bush has a secret plan", the inside of my mouth was getting a little bloody from all the tongue biting I was doing.

My father-in-law and I usually get along fine. We talk small talk, have a drink and go our opposite ways. And he did raise the Husband and I love that man. But Arrgh!One mention of Politics and I get really mad. The worst part is that we are still seen as "the kids" and therefore don't know what we are talking about. Ok, I am starting to foam at the mouth. I think I will stop before I get myself into any more trouble with the Husbands family.

Hi Family!

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