Monday, December 13, 2004


My best pair of work pants ripped on Friday. I have fixed them so many times, and I think that the last time was the end. I can't bring them back to their former glory. I guess that means I need to go pant shopping.

This is the problem. I have a 36 inch inseam. Most women's pants are sold with a 32 inch inseam. You see the problem. I usually look like I am avoiding a flood.

I did get a nice pair of jeans at Old Navy last week, but I can't wear jeans to work. Old Navy is nice because they sell Tall sizes, but they annoy me because almost everything has a low waist. I am old fashioned. I like my pants to come up to my waist, not sit on my hips.

So off to Tall Girl after work today. Tall girl is nice, but boy are they expensive! Good thing I got that other job.

I buy my shoes there too. I have the wonderful luck of size 11.5 feet. Great for walking on snow. Not so great for shoes. I can get shoes at Payless, but really the shoes there are so cheap and it shows.

But I can reach stuff on the top shelf and I don't get hassled nearly as much as my petite friends, so I think I will keep the legs. The feet are all the better to kick people with.

Can you tell I am sometimes a little bitter?

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