Thursday, December 16, 2004

Brains.... Brains....Brains!

I feel like a zombie today. Mostly because of this new crazy ass schedule I am working. I had a minor breakdown last night which I am not proud of, but I think it did make me feel a bit better. I just have to make it past Christmas and I will be OK. Only 9 days to go. 9?? Oh Shit.....

I Music Girl is coming to visit this weekend and we are going to have lots of fun. I really miss living in the same city she does. Oh well, what are ya going to do? We have all sorts of big plans, including sushi, ethiopean food and Len's Mill Store. We are also going to chat up a storm and do some shopping. Should be a great weekend.

Tonight I am going to finish my Christmas Shopping. I have most of the things I need, but the Husband is still on my list. I also need to get some groceries and clean up our house a bit. I probably should sweep the kitchen floor and clean out the cat box. Can't let Music Girl see how we really live.

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