Wednesday, January 05, 2005


I have two jobs. Most people know this by now, as I am always fishing for the pity and tell everyone about all the work that I do. (ahem.) My first job is lovely and predictable and the schedules are done up months in advance. I can tell you what I will be working on April 17th 2005. Wonderful, I love it.

My second job is not so predictable, and I am still new enough at it that I am not completely comfortable. They do not do up the schedules in advance. I went in today hoping for a schedule for TOMORROW and it was not ready. In fact it was not ready by the time I left. My boss told me to come in on Friday, but I don't know what is happening after that. Monday? Tuesday? The weekend? Come on people! I have a life! I need to make plans! I want to go to Toronto this weekend to visit Gem Girl, but I can't confirm anything until I know what my schedule is like. And that means waiting until Friday. It's a little short notice to give, "Oh yeah I will be there tomorrow." I don't want to do that to my friend. But I really want to get down and see her. This stupid job made me cancel once already.

Mom is also pressuring me to set a date so that they can come down and we can have a belated Xmas. I want to set a date, but I have no clue as to when I am available. This is really cheezing me off. Can you tell?

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