Monday, January 10, 2005

Get a cookie, this is longer than usual

So lets see. Where should I start? Okay, I did make it to Toronto to see GemGirl this weekend. Eventually. I originally set out about 10:00am, after dropping the Husband at work. I tried to get on the 401 but after 15 White-Knuckled minutes and watching someone else spin out and land in the ditch I gave up and went home. When I tried again at 12:00pm the roads were perfectly clear and wonderful.

I made it to GemGirl's house about 2:30pm, and we had some lovely Goat Cheese and Sweet Potato Quesadillas. Yum! We exchanged Xmas presents, and I got a belated birthday present too. For Xmas I was the happy recipient of pink socks with the Frog Prince, Italian Chocolate, and a Panetone (chocolate of course). Gem Girl made me a lovely necklace with matching earrings for my birthday. I love the necklace. It's really big, with rectangles of polished stones and all wired together. I am wearing it now!

We went out shopping in ChinaTown and along Queen St West. I love looking at all the nice things, but the only item I ended up buying was a cheap set of chopsticks because ours keep disappearing. Two bucks well spent. We both drooled over some of the serving ware and furniture in Caban.

At this point we decided we were hungry, and by great coincidence we were standing right beside Young Thailand. We went in for dinner, and had Taro Cakes with Coriander-Peanut dipping sauce, Steamed noodles with Chicken, Pork and Pumpkin in Red Curry and rice. Once again, Yum! And it was about 40$ for the two of us including tax and tip.

We went home and decided to watch a movie and test drive the martini glasses I had given GemGirl for Xmas. We decided that our favorite from the evening was Kaluha and Baileys blended with milk and ice cubes. Mmmm Alcoholic Milkshakes...... Drool.

We watched Calendar Girls and had a very serious discussion of the merits of Colin Firth. Mmmmm Colin Firth..... Drool.

The movie was a cute little piece of fluff, great for a girls night in. I really slept in the next morning. You know how well you sleep when the blankets are really heavy and they just weight you down in the bed and you just want to sleep forever? Yeah, that.

When I finally woke up we had the traditional brunch meal of Eggs Benedict and fruit salad with Devon Clotted Cream. I made the blender Hollandaise and amazed GemGirl once again with my magic touch. Who knew you could make Hollandaise sauce in 30 Seconds?

We had decided to go to the ROM and see the Pearl Exhibit. It was the last day for that exhibit and was severely crowded. In all I was disappointed with the exhibit. I didn't learn anything really new, except for the fact that Conches can make pearls too, not just oysters and Mussels. Conch pearls are very pretty and quite pink. It makes me want a pearl necklace. I have two fake ones, but real would be nice.

The biggest problem I had a the museum were the other people. Because it was so crowded most people were lined up so everyone could get a good look at all the displays. These people were fine. It was the people who thought that the line didn't apply to them and elbowed their way in between to see what ever they wanted. If it hadn't been for these people the whole thing would have been so much smoother and everyone would have been happy. What makes people feel that the rules don't apply to them? Do people really have that much of a sense of entitlement?

So the trip was an overall success and I am glad to be home. Monday is a whole other story. I think I will post this and come back with the Monday story later. Suffice to say it involves a spasming back and much anger.

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