Tuesday, January 25, 2005

Oh! Bright Light!

Today I went to the Optometrist. I need new glasses, because mine are cracked, scratched and one of the arms is broken. I have been procrastinating because glasses are so darned expensive. Today I caved in and went.

The good news is that my prescription hasn't changed in the last 2 1/2 years. If the glasses weren't broken, I wouldn't need new ones. So, Yay! for that.

The bad news is that they put those drops in that make your pupils get really big and I can barely see. The Husband laughed when he saw me because they were so wide.

I am going after work to pick out the new frames. At Hakim Optical they are giving you 50$ off if you bring in the receipt from your exam. Plus they have a buy one get one free deal all the time. It's not one-hour service, but I have lived with the old glasses for so long that I can make it a few more days. If you are lucky I will put up some pictures.

On another topic, we were supposed to go out to dinner with some friends last night, but she got sick and cancelled. We are going tonight instead. This is our very belated Xmas celebration. Plus birthday party because his birthday is Boxing day. That reminds me, I have to run across to the mall and pick something up for tonight.

We are having Lasagna, Garlic Bread and Caesar Salad. The are making the pasta, we are bringing the sides. I made the garlic bread last night and the croutons. I have been on a bit of a cooking tear lately. I made bread last week, quiche, croutons, garlic bread and chicken stock yesterday and I have a big batch of carrot and butternut squash soup in the crock pot right now.

I think I am going to go sit in a dark room for a while, until my visions comes back to normal. The computer is making my eyes go funny.

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