Wednesday, January 26, 2005

Charity begins with you.

So by now everyone knows about the Tsunami and has probably given at least some money to the cause. Great! I donated and it made me feel really good.

The problems is that most people only donate to big things. Like the tsunami or other disasters. Maybe you should consider doing it again, only this time spread it around a little.

Some places that really need help:
The Canadian Red Cross - You can earmark your donation for specific areas or add it to a "where ever it's needed most" fund.
Your Local Food Bank. Here you can donate time or food or money.Many Grocery stores have a bin at the front of the store for donations. Buy a big jar of Peanut butter or some pasta and a can of fruit and give someone a nutritious meal.
The Canadian Cancer Society. Someone you know has cancer. Thats a fact.There are also many local charities right in your neighborhood. That money you spent on the sweater you didn't need could go a long way in the right hands.

Even if you don't have any money you can do your part. There is a group of sites where you can donate daily just by clicking.
The Hunger Site is what started it all, but they have grown and support many causes.Just take a minute to think about all you have. Then think about those that don't. Ten dollars wont make you poor, but it can make someone else feel a little richer.

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