Tuesday, January 11, 2005

Okay, Monday

Monday rolls around and I head off to work. So far so good. Work is fine, the driving is fine, everything is good. Until about halfway home when I decided to stretch in the car to get the kink in my back out.OW! owowowowowow!Spasm! I can't breathe right, the whole lower left side of my back is one giant knot. I barely make it home, forget about going to the gym and try and find a comfortable position.

After an hour in bed with large doses of Advil and a heating pad, I am finally able to walk a bit. I did manage to make dinner and we went out to the drug store and got some wonderful back pain meds.The last time my back did this was when I was in school and working two jobs. It fixed it's self once I quit one of the jobs. I wonder what is causing it this time.... Hmmm I wonder.

The anger part is with my other boss. She has made a schedule that she is insisting that we stick to, even though I told her when I was hired that I could not work days until after my contract was finished. I managed to switch my weekend for her, but havent heard yet if I can switch the days she wants. Even if I do, it will mean I end up LOSING money those days. Every day I have fantasies of quitting that job. I tried to explain this to her. All I got back was a very b**chy "You said in the Interview you were Flexible!" Well, yes. I will work any day of the week you want. Once my Full Time contract is up I will work whenever she wants. She knew I had this contract when she hired me.

Off to buy a Lottery ticket and dream of telling this place to screw off.

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