Monday, February 07, 2005

Things are Looking up

The foot is mostly better today, I can walk and it doesn't hurt too much. There is a pain up the side of my leg but I know that's just from walking on it funny for two days. I think I will lay off the long walks and the weird stretching. I am going swimming today after work and I know that will be good for me.

I have officially ended my full time contract. And yet some how I am still at work. Hmm. This means that I should have lots of time to go to the gym now. No excuses! My goal is to get there three times a week, with more being even better. I am starting today by hitting the pool. Swimming is definitely my favorite form of exercise. I try and go to Aquafit classes a few times a week, and swim laps other times. The treadmill doesn't really appeal. I should probably do some more weights or some yoga but I am working on just getting there so I am not worried about it yet.

The flowers that Mom sent me last week are still looking good. I cut them down again on the weekend and had to throw a few out, but on the whole they have lasted a long time. I just wish I could put them on the dining room table instead of on the top shelf of the bookcase. Drat those cats and their taste for greenery! Speaking of greenery, I have a spider ready to be potted and an Impatiens that has got quite a nice root system going. I need to get those in dirt soon. I am running out of places to put my plants where they don't get eaten.

I did a bunch of cooking over the weekend. I think I already mentioned the chili and the bread, but I made up a bunch of meatballs too. I ground up the last bit of bacon that had been hanging around the fridge for a while and added that in. Yum! I also made pancakes for the Husband's breakfast and a nice Pear and Walnut salad with Blue Cheese. That is our absolute favorite salad. I love blue cheese and wish I could eat it every day. Mmmm Stinky!

Tonight we are having Butter Chicken. That's the Husbands favorite Indian dish, he orders it almost everytime we go out. I have to confess I'm not making it from scratch, I found a jar of sauce in Loblaws and am using that. I will make some rice pilau to go with and probably some stir fried cabbage. I am also working out my contribution to the next Sugar High Friday so that will be dessert. Do you get the impression that the Husband is a little spoiled?

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