Saturday, March 05, 2005


I went to a work party last night. Two of the ladies are leaving and this was their going away party. The food was good and the company was a lot of fun.

The problem? The party was at my Boss' house and she smokes. So do her husband and two of my co-workers. And since it was my Boss' house she let them all smoke in the house. I came out of that place after 3 hours just REEKING of cigarette smoke. Blech.

I got home as quick as I could and jumped into the bath. I also called Musicgirl and we had a great chat. You know you are really good friends when you can talk and bathe at the same time. We had a great chat about the trip to Halifax and life in general. I love that chickie.

Today is my sisters 24th birthday. Happy birthday, Twit.

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