Monday, March 07, 2005

Bloggers Block

I have been suffering from a severe case of Bloggers Block (similar to writers block) for the last few weeks. I think of great things to blog about, and say "I need to remember that!" and five minutes later it's gone out of my head, leaving me to talk about nothing at all.

What to write.. What to write. Hmm. I could tell you all about how I did my laundry on Saturday night. Or work on Sunday. That was thrilling. I went to work. I worked. I picked up the Husband and went home to bed. Whoo hoo!

We could talk about the grapes in my oven slo-o-owly turning into raisins. It's almost as much fun as watching paint dry!

I could tell you all about my exciting lunch which consists of a cup of noodles and a pudding. Oh, and an apple. Whee.

What did we do this week? We rented some movies. We saw A Sharks Tale and Anchorman. Neither one were really good. The animation was cool in Sharks tale, but the story was boring and predictable. Anchorman just sucked six ways from Sunday.

What else did we do? We worked. I worked, the Husband worked, the cats..... Well the cats don't really do anything at all. They eat, sleep and poop. And shed. And Shed. And SHED. And try and eat my spider plants.

Do we have big plans for this week coming up? Not really. I am cooking a chicken on Tuesday, we are going out for dinner on Wednesday. Meat Lump (loaf) for Thursday. Work work and more work for both of us.Don't we lead exciting lives?

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