Saturday, April 30, 2005

Halifax Day 4 - Coming home

Thursday was my last day in Halifax. We got up and had day old muffins and yogurt for breakfast. We then packed up our stuff and moved MusicGirl across town to the other hostel. The one we were in was in a bad part of town and while we felt okay walking around when there were two of us, she didn't feel safe being on her own. Plus the other one was closer to the grocery store.

We stopped on the way for coffee and tea. I had a cup of Fennel tea and she had more fair trade coffee. We plunked our stuff in the lockers at the hostel and walked down to Pier 21 to see the museum. It was fairly comprehensive and had a very well done documentary type movie playing. I think my Paternal Grandparents probably went through there at one point, but they were leaving not coming in. But I guess Grandpa would have come back that way too. I don't really know.

Dad? Dad? Beuller?

After the museum we went for a bit of a walk. Or tried to, but the wind was blowing so hard we almost got blown off our feet. We popped into MEC to catch our breath and admire the camping gear. Wish I camped more, but I don't need any of that stuff. Then we went for lunch. We had Thai food for lunch - fresh spring rolls and red curry noodle soup. Yum. The soup was very rich and thick and filling. The spring rolls were kind of disapointing, not rolled tightly enough and not enough dipping sauce.

After lunch we went for beer.

I caught the airbus to the airport and checked in. The Halifax airport is quite nice and well run. I bought a book for the ride back and a sandwich at Tim Horton's. Turned out my flight was delayed for about an hour so I sat in the departure lounge and read. The flight was fine and I think that plane had a little more leg room.

We made it to Toronto and I found the Robert Q counter with no problems. I have decided that I much prefer flying domestically over international. No pesky customs to deal with. Just off the plane and out the door.

The drive back was uneventful and I fell asleep. The cats were very happy to see me. The Husband had gone up to visit a friend and wasn't there. He got back Friday so I didn't get to see him from 2:30 am on Monday to when I woke up on Saturday.

Now I am back to work and the old grind. I took lots of pictures and will post some as soon as I get them developed.

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