Sunday, April 17, 2005

Weekend Away

I went up to see my Parents this weekend, because of the Dad’s Birthday. I started out Friday night from work and the traffic through London was crazy. Backed waaaaay the heck up. Took me at least twice as long to get through town as it usually does. But one I made it through the city everything was smooth sailing.

I stopped in McDonalds for dinner, solely because they have both a bathroom and Interact. Subway has interact, and Tim Horton’s has the bathroom but I needed both in a tidy package.Made it to the house about 9:00 and had a good chat with my parents. My Mom had bought me some more weird cook books at auction so I got to take a look at those. They are in the middle of renovating so I sleep on the chesterfield when I am there.

Saturday morning we had Lemon Currant scones for breakfast and Mom went off to proctor an exam. Dad and I did manual labour in the backyard. We got rid of most of a big pile of wood, and took a post out of the ground that was embedded in 18inches of concrete. That was hard work, and I can still feel it in my legs.

Once Mom got back we all went out to lunch. We went to a place called Martini’s. We all had foofy drinks, Sour apple for me, raspberry for Mom and strawberry for Dad. For lunch I had a Chicken Carbonara baguette, Mom had a Club Sandwich and Dad had a Seafood Pita Pizza. They both said that lunch was very good.

After lunch we went and did a little bit of shopping. I went and drooled over the nice kitchen stuff, all the pretty salt and pepper sets, the silicon spatulas, the fine mesh strainers and my favorite – the Food Processor. I need to get married again so I can get one of these.

For dinner we headed out to Bognor for the Roast Beef Dinner. Where is Bognor? Head out about half and hour from Owen Sound to the corner of Swamp and Nowhere and you are about there. No stoplight, no store and 6 stop signs. The dinner was traditional Farm roast beef, well done meat, potatoes, gravy, peas and carrots and dinner rolls. All just fine and no surprises. The Green Jell-o with Cottage Cheese and canned peas? Not so much. Ick.

After dinner we drove over to Walters Falls to check out the big hotel they are building there. The building was up, they had cleaned up a bit, but all the doors were open an no one was there. We wandered inside for a bit and snooped in the kitchen, checked out the reception desk. It was kind of creepy, all the tools were lying around but the place was completely deserted. Wonder what’s up?

We went back home and counted Groundhogs. I think we saw 10 or 11 in the half hour drive. At home Dad called his sister and the Roomate, who had both called him to say Happy Birthday.

Sunday Morning we had waffles for breakfast and I headed home. I got home thinking I had an hour to spare before work, but got the message that the Retirement Home was under Outbreak and I needed to go in early. I had just enough time to kiss the husband, yell at the cats and drop my stuff in a pile by the door.

Well that was long.

This week we have a Sugar High Friday, a IMBB event and some other random things I want to put up. Plus I leave for Halifax on Monday.

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