Monday, May 30, 2005

New summer wardrobe

It had finally reached the point of no return. My clothes were old and worn out and no longer appropriate to wear anywhere but my own living room.

My summer wardrobe needed an overhaul. So I steeled myself and went to town. Anything that was beyond repair went in a bag for rags or the garbage. Things that don't fit anymore or that I won't wear anyways went in another bag to be donated to Goodwill. This left me with a sad little pile of clothes. Some t-shirts, a few summer sweaters and one pair of pants. I needed to go shopping.

And shop I did. I bought 4 shirts and two pairs of pants. My old pair of pants with the hole got cut off into capris. I still think I need a few more pairs of pants or capris for the summer and maybe one more shirt. Even a new skirt if I am feeling fancy. But that needs to wait until next payday.

And the fun part is, I will get to do this all again in the fall. Most of my winter clothes are in the same state. Either out of date or worn out. Anyone want to plan a shopping date for September?

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