Monday, May 23, 2005


We went to a wedding for the husbands co-worker last night. It was the first time I had been to a wedding on a Sunday, and the first time I had been to a Muslim Wedding.

It was scheduled to start at 4:00pm, so we arrived and were surprised to see seating for about 100 people. We had understood that 600 were invited. I guess most people skip the ceremony. We then found out that the big ceremony had been held at the Mosque earlier in the day, and this was just a small legal bit required by the Canadian Government. The official said a few words, there were very short vows, and the official guy gave a speech. He spoke about the role of women in Islam and how we all need to fight to prevent Gay marriage. Fortunately, shaking with rage looks a lot like tears of joy. I would have walked out, but that probably would have made it worse. Found out later at dinner, that the guy sitting behind us was gay and had been with his partner 18 years. So he was even more pissed off than me. Grr.

Dinner was scheduled to start at 6:00 and as you know weddings, we got fed at 7:30. There was hummus and pita, a pickle tray with olives and peppers and other assorted vegetables and prime rib with potatoes and green beans and carrots. Not really what I was expecting. Oh and did I mention it was a dry wedding? Pop, water and punch.

The people at our table were nice. The aforementioned gay guy and his partner, a young couple getting married soon and a nice lady. We have an open BBQ invitation now and some new friends. There were speeches and some dancing, but we didn't stay long. We came home and had a cocktail.

I also went to a Birthday party yesterday for the Husband's aunt. Happy Birthday Aunt E! We had a lovely BBQ lunch with hamburgers and hotdogs and veggies and dip and baked beans and a spinach salad and cake with ice cream. Yum. There was even an army of squirrels. She has a large backyard and at one point 17 squirrels ran across it in a line. Really!

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