Friday, August 19, 2005

It wont be so bad

We think we know who it was that ratted my out on the blog. It’s a person that I actually thought was my friend. Oh well, knife in the back, can’t trust anyone. I thought about confronting her about it, but I am not certain enough and instead I have decided to go another route.

I will be extra super sweet to her. If she is the one who ratted me out, then the guilt will eat her alive. If she didn’t say anything and it’s not her, then I am just being super nice to a friend. Works both ways.

I miss my blog. I keep thinking of things to post and realizing I have nowhere to put them. I hate writing in journals and I think that a big part of what I liked about the blog was having other people read it. It kept me writing and doing stuff. Now there is nothing to do.

Last night the Husband picked me up from work and we got take out and sat on a blanket in the park and talked. I miss him and don’t see him enough.

Tonight I am going up to Exeter to meet Mom for dinner. We are going to Randi’s after for dessert. I also need to pick up a book I have on hold at the library and I will probably get some fruit at Thomas Brothers on the way.
Got my new 2006 planner today. A whole year of stuff just blank and waiting. I love that my job buys them for us. I love planners. I would love to have one of those big dayrunner thingummies, but they are hella expensive. I have a bizarre love for office supplies. The best thing about going back to school each year was always the shopping for new stuff. Pencil crayons, pens, paper binders, notebooks. I am always a little jealous when the Husband does his shopping. I want new stuff too!

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Randi said...

I love school stuff too. Remember when we were in Target, all those supplies. I bought a tiny stapler there last week on clearance.