Saturday, August 20, 2005

The cake was great!

Went to Randi’s house last night after dinner. I had met Mom and Dad in Exeter for dinner and we had a nice visit. Mom brought me some cinnamon rolls and some more cookbooks. We had dinner at The Gossiping Goose, which was fine in a small town diner kind of way. Nothing fantastic, but for 27$ for three of us who can really complain

Randi made almost flourless chocolate cake and peanut butter ice cream. The cake was great and the ice cream was wonderful. I am going to try making that at home. She sent me home with a slice and some ice cream for the Husband.

I spent a quiet evening after I got home, watched T.V. and hung out with the cats.

Tonight I am going to Shoppers Drug Mart and making a sponge for another loaf of bread, working out with the video I got from the library and having some dinner. Wheeeee! I think I will need to pull another frozen entrée so we will have food for next week too. Maybe the pork and grits?

Monday I am going shopping after work. I need to get the Husband a birthday present and take in the picture to be framed. And I want something for me too. I don’t know what but I just feel like shopping.

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