Tuesday, August 02, 2005

A long wait for Raw Fish

Last night the Husband and I went out for Sushi. We decided to try a new place, Take Sushi on Wellington Road. We had heard good things about that place and thought we could go for a change.

We ordered some tea and some water and looked over the menu. We decided on some California Rolls, some spicy Tuna rolls, some Futo Maki, a few peices of Red snapper and Yellow tail and a couple of crab. Nothing too complicated, right? We got our soup and salad and waited.

And waited.

And waited. Our waitress came in and apologized for the delay. And we waited.

The food did eventually come, right after I had left to go to the washroom. (Isnt that always the way?) It was good and filling and we were very happy with it once we got to eat it. I don't know what was up with the wait time. All in all dinner was 44$. I was full but I think the Husband could have eaten more.

Tempting the Fates

This weekend on my trip up to the Parents house, my Mom and I were discussing cats. They have two, we have two. She asked me if our cats ever got mad at us for going away and pooped in random places. I told her that no no no our cats would never do that. Because up until yesterday the only time Pooks had ever pooped any where other than his box was the time I accidentally locked him in the closet and went to school. I would have pooped then too!

Of course this statment proved just too tempting to the fates and they decided to take revenge by having the cat poop and pee on our couch, and in my pants that were lying on it. Let's just say we did a LOT of laundry last night. I don't know why he decided to do that. That's why I am blaming it on me being too cocky. We cleaned out the cat box, and cleaned off the couch, and are keeping our fingers crossed.I am sorry forces of the Universe. I will strive to be more humble.

Please make sure the cats go in the box. Pretty Please?

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