Monday, August 01, 2005

She who bringeth the rains

I went up to visit my parents this weekend. I headed up there on Saturday night after a horrible day at work and pulled in about 9pm.

I had plans to do a bunch of yard work, maybe hit the beach, go for a hike and just hang out with the folks. We did get to some of the yard work but about 1/2 hour after we started digging it started raining. Now that area of the province had not had much rain at all over the past few weeks. Hardly anything at all. I got up there and it rained for hours. Hours and hours in fact. A steady drizzle all day topped off by a spectacular thunderstorm. I think they ended up with an inch of rain in total.

Sunday we did a little hammering and headed for the beach. We got there and did beachy things for about 30 minutes before the big clouds came rolling in with the thunder and lightening. The windsurfers got off the lake quick! It got really cold on the water so Mom and I went shopping. We didn't find anything we couldnt live with out but we did get caught in a downpour. The sun did come out after a while and we had some ice cream (chocolate peanutbutter for me).

I am glad to be home, mostly because I get to sleep in a bed again and not on the couch. Because the parents house is a construction zone there is only one bedroom and only one bed. And the cats are glad to see me.

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