Sunday, August 28, 2005

Quick dash over the Border

Yesterday Randi and I went for a little shopping trip across the border to Port Huron. She goes quite frequently but I had not been to the States for more than a year.

We had no problems at the border going either way which was nice. We went for some lunch at a little family diner (I had a taco salad, she had a grilled chicken salad) and hit a few stores. We went to Target which is kind of like a Wal-Mart in selection. I picked up some cleaning products and a big package of Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups for the Husband. We also walked through the Mall and peeked into a few places. It was fun but I can get all of that stuff here, with the exception of a few brand names (but I can get similar products) I did get two shirts on clearance at Lane Bryant and I was happy with that.

After the Mall we went to Meijer which again is like a Wal-Mart with everything you could ever possible want under one roof. We were there for the groceries, but the store was so big you could have re-enacted a civil war battle on one side and not noticed on the other. They had whole turkey on sale for 0.79$ a pound so I got one of those. At just about 8.5lbs it cost me 6.99$ US. Not bad and I am ready for Thanksgiving! I also got some chicken breasts that were on for 0.99$US a pound. I didn’t want to buy too much stuff as we are leaving for our vacation next week and will be gone for 5 days.

After I got home I started making an apricot tart from all the tiny apricots that are in my fridge. I needed to get them used up before they went bad. So the tart was leftover cream cheese pastry, halved apricots tossed with brown sugar and slivered almonds and a dash of mixed essence. It was a free form tart, more like a galette I guess. I topped the visible fruit with some leftover frozen crumble topping and baked it at 350C for about 45 minutes. I guess I left a hole in the crust because apricot juice went everywhere, but the tart was dang tasty.
Scott and his wife also stopped by last night and they helped me eat the tart. That dratted diamond fell out of my engagement ring again so he is going to put it back in again. Thanks Scott!

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