Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Anniversary Dinner

Yesterday was our 2nd wedding anniversary. Yay! Go us!

To celebrate we went out for a nice dinner at one of the fancy places here in town - Michaels on the Thames. We had a great time and a good meal.

We ordered a bottle of Pelee Island Cabernet to drink, and looked over the menu. To start we decided on the tableside Caesar salad. The salad is made in a large wooden bowl with nice raw garlic and a raw egg yolk. And lashings of Parmesan, oil, lemon juice and Lea&Perrins. I had never watched a Caesar salad being made fresh this way and it was a fun way to start the meal. Plus it was really good salad. (and yes Randi, it had Bacon bits)

For our Main dishes, the Husband ordered duck confit with peppercorn sauce and tempura green peppers. I had the pork tenderloin with apple and sultana chutney and maple walnut butter. It came with a twice baked potato and some steamed vegetables. It was very good but the portion was so large I couldn't finish it.

For dessert I chose the Chocolate Lava cake off the dessert tray and the Husband had Creme Caramel. Ooof that cake was good, rich, chocolaty and warm. But again so large I couldn't finish.

I even wore the shift Musicgirl made for me to dinner. It is a green sweater with one exposed shoulder and slits in the sleeves. I made the Husband take a picture so as soon as I get it developed I will post it. The Husband bought me roses and a Gerbera daisy.


Randi said...

A proper ceasar salad does not contain bacon. LOL. I laughed when I read that comment. Large Portions, in London? No way. How were the prices?

Randi said...

i just looked at the menu. The prices seem decent. We'll have to try it. Yummy, Im starving now.

Anonymous said...

yah you wore the shirt, i am so happy. you sexy thing you. music girl