Monday, September 05, 2005

Our mini vacation; Days 1 and 2

Well we made it back home last night, exhausted and ready for our own beds. It's been quite a trip, lots of car time and never sleeping in the same bed twice. I need a vacation from my vacation.

We started out early Wednesday morning and headed for Kingston. I had just been a few weeks before with Music Girl and had such a great time. I wanted to share that with the Husband too.

We got into town about 12:30 and immediatly our thoughts turned to lunch. We ate at the Pan Chancho bakery/cafe. I had a lamb stuffed pita with arugula and green olives served with morroccan chick peas. Boy was that good! The Chick peas had a great flavour and a nice heat and the lamb in the pita was plantiful and tasty. The green olives were great and I am normally a black olive girl. The Husband had a portobello and bacon sandwich on Ciabatta with a green salad. It was tasty too, and the dressing on the salad was really nice. We skipped dessert and bought some goodies from the bakery instead.

We did a little bit of shopping, poking in and out of store, looking at all the pretty stuff. We didn't buy anything but it was fun. We went and found our Bed and Breakfast and got settled. We also fell asleep for about an hour which we really needed. Then we got back up and went for dinner.

Dinner was at Chez Piggy which is owned by the same people as the bakery we hit for lunch. It used to be a stable and now is a great dining space. I started with Camembert Mousse on garlic toast with Fennel Confit. Oh my yum! The Fennel was sweet and the toast was crunchy. A bit of Arugula came along side and provided a nice peppery counterpoint. The Husband had spring rolls. He was a bit dissapointed, he was expecting the fresh ones and these were fried. They were still good though. For our mains I had a tapas plate with tortilla(cold potato omelete) Dried figs, candied almonds, procuitto, manchengo cheese, carrot salad, beet and red onion salad and some black and green olives. It was a huge plate and I had a hard time finishing it. I think I left a lot of the carrot salad behind. The Husband had pasta: penne with asparagus, grilled chicken and bocconcini cheese. We shared a peice of peach pie for dessert. After dinner we met one of the sisters for drinks (she lives in Kingston) .

The next morning we woke to a nice breakfast of fruit and granola cups, baked eggs with ham and some kind of potato thingy. There was a German Family staying there too and we talked a bit about Ontario. We also found out that the Hostess of our B&B had built one of the houses that the Husband's family had lived in. Small world.

After breakfast we went downtown to check out the market. We bought some buter tarts and some garlic and wished we were closer to home and could buy some more of the great looking fruit and tomatoes. We also got some grapes and went back to the bakery to pick up a sandwich and some salads for lunch.

We visited Fort Henry and saw al sorts of fun stuff like the goat mascot (David IX) and the drills.
Lunch was a roast beef sandwich with horseradish mayo and mustard (and arugula, do you sense a theme?) We also had some more of the morroccan chick peas and a bocconcini and red pepper salad. And giant cookies.

After visiting the Fort we went for a pint of beer at a pub and started out for my Aunt and Uncle's place. We stopped in Westport for dinner and walked out on the docks. We watched the fish and the clouds and relaxed a bit. Dinner was at Remy's Pub. I had a veggies burger and the Husband had fish and chips. Both came with Sweet Potato fries, which were excellent.

We got to the house about 8:00pm and had a nice chat with my Aunt. (My Uncle was still at work) And then we crashed.

Still more to come, eating and drinking and visiting.

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