Thursday, September 15, 2005

Strange happenings at the Gym

I went to the Gym today before work to get my exercise for the day. I prefer working out at home, but the Machine has given up the ghost and until I get a new one I am stuck with the Gym.

I got there and 10 minutes into my workout all the power went out and alarms began to sound. I was up stairs where there are skylights, but I felt bad for the people in the changing rooms in the basement. We were all ushered to the lobby untill they figured out what was happening. Turned out there was a power surge and it was fixed quickly so we got to go back to the torture machines, Ahem I mean the treadmills.

While I was finishing up my time on the treadmill the ladies next to me started a conversation. It was all about one lady's health problems. Seemed innocent enough and they werent making any effort to be particularly quiet so I listened. Right up until the sick one started expressing her faith in angels and how she flet that she had been healed by divine intervention. At that point I had to leave the treadmill area to catch my eyes, which had somehow rolled right out of my head.

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Randi said...

Where are you working out, what gym? How is it going with your dad? We're interviewing dog walkers to come after supper for the time we're gone, so we will take you up on your offer of staying here in October. I hope this girl works out. She comes tomorrow night. When is your next day off. We should cook some CL type food.