Friday, October 14, 2005

Ahhhh A day off

Today I don't have to go to work. Nice. So I am hanging around Exeter with the Dogs and exploring. We will go for a walk this morning to pick up the mail and see what we see. I am also doing laundry and pooperscooping the back yard. Now that sounds like fun!

Work is getting crazier and crazier. Remember how I mentioned that I would be going back to part time soon? Well that may or may not be happening. I just don't know yet and neither does my boss.

At the moment we have Thanksgiving scheduled for the 19th I worked all day on the actual Thanksgiving and them I came up here to dog sit so we went out for Sushi instead of Turkey. The sushi was pretty good. We went to Wonder sushi again and ate many many spicy crispy salmon rolls. Those are really good. I think they are my new favourite kind, beating out yellowtail and snapper for the meantime. We also had dumplings and edamame and steak teriaki and tempura. It was a nice meal but I want my turkey and stuffing with potatoes and wine. Soon I will be sated. And I will post pictures of the feast. I promise.

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