Monday, October 17, 2005

I survived!

One week with the doggies and I escaped unscathed. Well, except for a distinct lack of sleep. Man those guys are bed hogs! I didn't burn down the house and I didn't crash the car. I am so very proud of me.

I got back home this morning and for the Husband being home alone all week it is in surprisingly good shape. I did a little vacuuming of the furniture, cleaned up the bedroom a little and remade Dad's bed. I also put our Thanksgiving turkey in to brine.

I have been working out the menu for our belated turkey day. We are having the turkey, brined with black pepper and honey. I was thinking of a sweet potato/mashed potato mix and then some peas with baby onions, but the Husband doesn't really like peas. Maybe green beans instead. I will do a mostly traditional stuffing with sage and onions and bread and of course gravy. I think we will start with a bluecheese and nut salad too. But what to have for dessert?

The car goes in on Wednesday to get new tires and a Drive clean test. It should pass with no problems, it's only 4 years old! Tomorrow I go to Toronto for a meeting. My boss and I are driving up together. Fun! I get to spend almost 12 hours with my boss! I like her a lot, but it's a lot of time to spend with anyone, let alone the one who does your performance appraisals.

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