Saturday, October 08, 2005

All sorts of Fun!

Unfortunatly I can't talk about most of it because it happened at WORK and that's what got me into trouble in the first place.

Today I attended a potluck for lunch. It was pretty good, considering. I made Lemon squares and Raspberry/coconut squares. (Actually I made them Thursday but they were still good.) There was pizza and peirogies and salad and sandwiches and hash brown casserole (umm, bits of potato and cheese soup, as far as I could tell) And some kind of chocolate caramel dessert. There was so much food we are going to eat it again tomorrow as well.

Tonight I get the fun of sitting in the laundromat for an hour or so. Usually we do our laundry right in our building but somehow we have misplaced the card that turns the machines on. Can't do laundry without it! The Supers are getting us a new one but it will take until at least Tuesday and I need clean undies today.

I am still waiting on my Blogging by Mail box to arrive. I sent mine off a little late too, but I sent it Priority so it should have arrived Thursday or Friday. I hope it's waiting for me on Tuesday.

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Samantha said...

Hi Christine,

Dave and I got your great box, I'll post pictures of it this weekend if not sooner. And you should get yours any day now, I sent it air mail and they said 5-6 days (I mailed it last week).

Hope all is well!