Thursday, November 10, 2005

In case you were wondering

Yes, I am still alive.

Why havent I posted in 10 days? One word answer. Work.

I got a new job. Yes another one. Yes this makes three. I have been crazy busy sorting things out and kind of neglected this. But hopefully I will have a bit more time soon and by february will be down to 1.5 jobs again.

I realized yesterday that I have been doing the insane work thing for almost a year now. I got my second job at the beginning of December and havent looked back since. I need a break.

I wont say much about the new place except that my coworkers seem really nice so far and as a most excellent bonus I don't have to work Christmas Day!!

I havent cooked much either. I made my yearly fruitcakes and have them wrapped and soaking in rum. I made a spectacularly boring pumpkin and chocolate cake. Other than that..... Hmmmmm. We have been eating out of a lot of boxes and bags.

I promise to get better at posting regularly. Really.

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