Friday, January 20, 2006

My First Meme!

A few days ago Randi tagged me for the Too-Much-Information Meme. It's the first time I have been tagged for anything so I am pretty excited!

For this one, I list 10 things people don't know about me and then tag someone else to continue.

1. I prefer Granny panties to all other forms of Underwear. I am very particular about my underwear. Jockey Hicut Briefs are all I will wear.

2. I taught children's Cooking classes for Loblaws. I was one of the original instructors for the Loblaws Cooking school. I left because of in-fighting and am not sorry to be gone.

3. Hard Salami is my favourite food in the world. I can eat pounds of the stuff at a sitting and have to have the sausage taken away from me before I will stop.

4. I watch children's TV programs. Arthur is a particular favorite. I would rather watch kids shows than something like CSI.

5. I faked liking Sushi the first time I ate it, just to impress someone. I love it now.

6. I hate having my picture taken. I always look terrible.

7. I have never had a cavity. I live in fear that the dentist will whip out his drill and yell out "it's Drillin' Time!"

8. People keep giving me fancy little knickknacks, like crystal swans and light up angels. I say thank you and donate them to GoodWill.

9. I can't stand Nail Polish on my fingers. I start picking it off right away. It feels greasy and wrong to me. I don't mind it on my toes.

10. I love to pop zits. My own, the Husbands - it doesn't matter. Chances are that if you have a zit, I am thinking about popping it. (I can restrain myself. Except when it comes to the Husband. He has to put up with me.)


Anonymous said...

the first time you had sushi was when you were about 12 in niagara falls.

Randi said...

thanks for doing this. Robin is the same exact way with zits.