Sunday, January 22, 2006

Good Pizza, Bad Service

Tonight the Husband and I went out for some Pizza. We wanted to try Tony's Pizza on Dundas Street East because we had heard really good things about it.

We were seated in the semi-busy dining room, given menus and promptly ignored for close to 15 minutes. At one point our server did say she would be right with us......... nope. When she did get to us we ordered a med "super duper" pizza and two Brios. She told us that the Brios were free because she took so long. Ok, forgivable.

The pizza took about a year and a half to arrive (okay maybe not, but it seemed like it). When we got the pie it looked great. Gooey melting cheese, lots of toppings very, very yummy.

No one came back to see how everything was and I had to hunt down the server to get our bill. And when we got it our supposedly "free" Brios were on there too.

Conclusion. Good Pizza, Horrible Service. Get take out or Delivery.

Or go to Muldoons!


Randi said...

we went there for a restaurant club and robin got sick from the panzerotti.

Anonymous said...

Hello Stranger - next time you go out for dinner maybe it can be with your favourite secretary.

Anonymous said...

i too had heard good things about this restaurant. on three seperate occasions, i phoned and asked about placing an order for delivery. each time i got the same response: it'll take 2.5 hours (i live only about 5 minutes away). there must be something fundamentally wrong with this place. it's not like i was told it would be 2 and a half hours with an apology - i would characterize whatever helper monkey they have in the kitchen as quite rude.