Friday, January 27, 2006

Sugar High Friday (Sugar Low Friday!) #15

Sugar High Friday was first conceived by Jennifer our own Canadian DomesticGoddess. This month's SHF is hosted by Sam over at Becks and Posh.

This months challenge was to make a low sugar dessert. I decided to make pancakes! These are just a basic Pancake with no added sugar. You can use which ever recipe you prefer.

While the Pancakes were cooking I dropped sliced strawberries on the raw batter. When they are flipped over the berries get cooked and caramelized. Yummy!

I served mine with home made yogurt and more fresh sliced strawberries, but Maple syrup, jam or apple sauce would work well too. They are also pretty good plain. We had some leftover so they will go in Ziploc baggies and be frozen for future breakfasts.

It's good to be back!

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1 comment:

Sam said...

what a great idea - i dont like sugar in my pancakes anyway, a little maple syrup on top maybe (but its totally calhoriffic!)

strawberries sound good - thanks for taking part!