Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Trip Recap Pt 1.

We left for Toronto on a Monday night. We had made reservations at the Carlingview Airport Hotel. When we got there they were full so we got bumped up to a suite! We were very pleased. They also provided a parking space for the week and a shuttle to the airport.

Here I am waiting for the plane.

On the flight we received what was to be one of the two best meals of the whole trip.

Yes, Airplane food was the best meal of the trip.

The airport was quick in getting us through and we got onto out bus and to the Resort quickly. They had us already checked in so we didn't have to do that. We got our rooms keys on the bus. Once we got to the resort we changed into summery clothes and hit the bar and snack bar.

The next day we spent on the beach swimming and lying about doing nothing. We met some really nice people from Toronto and drank with them and watched the nightly entertainment.

Our room was ok, we had twin beds that couldnt be pushed together because there was a shelf fastened to the wall inbetween them. But that was really ok because it was too sweaty to sleep snuggled up. We had and A/C in the room but it was incredibly loud. Everyday the maids would make us a different towel animal.
Once we got an Elephant.

On Friday we went into the nearby town with our new friends. We took a taxi and it was 4 pesos (about 5$) each way. We wandered around town and looked at the Handicrafts market and the twon square, went into a museum and climbed the tower and went to a cigar store. The Huband was asked about 75 times if he wanted to buy cigars from all the men on the street. Since we don't smoke and you are warned by the Govt that street cigars are probably fakes we abstained.

Here is the main church.

This is the courtyard of the Museum.

And the view from the Tower.

We also took a sailboat trip out for Snorkeling and a seafood lunch on a reef island. We thought it was a Catamaran trip and were dissapointed when it was smaller boats. The reef was amazing though and I wished I had an underwater camera to show you. You can see the crabs and the Iguana and the little bird in a previous post.

That's all for now because it's late and I am tired. More soon!

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