Thursday, February 16, 2006

Dog Sitting

At the Moment I am in Exeter dog sitting for Randi. They went away for a few days and don't want to leave the puppies all alone. I am too darn nice.

It's a long drive to work, but not too bad. I get to girl-out here because Randi has every lotion and potion known to man. (or Woman)

I am only here for 2 nights, and Friday night we are driving to Toronto to pick up the people we met in Cuba. We are going to Ottawa for the weekend. Should be a good trip.

So there on't be any exciting food posts for a while. I will take a picture of the Beaver tails, I promise!


moon said...

OH we love the beaver tails!!!Hope you have a great time in Ottawa...I have a sister there so I try to go a few times a year.

Randi said...

yes, you are nice. I picked up your guildenstuff at Trader Joe's and we finally found the reeses at Meijer in AA. I also got you something else to thank you for watching the dogs. I bought one for myself too. I'm so excited to give it to you. Hurry Home.

Anonymous said...

Hey... stumbled in here from the north shore of lake your post about the Cuban food... couldn't agree more.

Don't get snowed in up there in the north