Monday, February 20, 2006

What we did - Ottawa Pt 1.

Ice Sofas!

Friday night we left from London to go pick up our friends in Toronto. The Husband had picked up our rental van that afternoon and we did a quick stop at Wendy’s for dinner before we hit the road. In Toronto we made two stops to gather all the people. It was crowded in the van but better than the plane! (These were the people that we met in Cuba, so it was strange to go from Bikinis and towels to long johns and mittens.) We had a DVD player in the car so we could watch movies. It was so big though that we named it “the Beast” We made it to Ottawa about 3:30am with one quick stop at the Flying J to fuel up, both the car and our selves. Road trips just require bad-for-you snack foods.

We all slept in late the next day. We went out for Breakfast and then walked downtown to see the ice sculptures. It was a frigid -20C and we were all bundled up. We say the ice carvers, took lots of pictures and played in the snow. We also walked around the Byward Market. We headed back to the house and all fell asleep.

We had decided not to go out for dinner in the interest of saving money so we went to the grocery store instead. More about dinner in the next post.

We also stayed in and drank a lot and played Slapjack. That’s a really easy card game to learn, not so easy to win.

The next morning we went for Dim Sum and walked around some more.

We were taking a cat back to Toronto for the sister of one of our friends. It was a really quick trip but lots of fun.

We are already planning the next one!

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