Tuesday, February 28, 2006

If not one then the other

Our Conputer Died!! It's in the shop right now, but it means that I am posting from the Library. (thank you Library!) I have all kinds of things and Photos to put up but no way to do it. They frown on people hooking up their cameras to the public computers.

Yesterday was my Mother's Birthday. She is 29 with 30 years experience. Go Mom! I sent her flowers, and I am going up there this weekend to visit. I havent been to their place in almost a year. They keep coming down here and I have been working like a maniac. I need to figure out what to make for her Birthday dessert. Any suggestions?

On the other hand I am having a very depressed day. It started with bad dreams of people killing and eating endangered eagles, (yes I am weird) and got worse with the breakfast table discussion of how we are not only causing global warming with Carbon Dioxide emmisions, we are changing the Ph levels of the ocean and will cause a complete die-off of all aquatic life. Fun.

Now I can't stop thinking about how we are all doomed and whats the point and why bother. And definatly why have kids when you are just dooming them to a life where there is no world left. It makes me cry and I can't stop.


Randi said...

I think you dreamnt of eagles because we were talking about hawks and other birds landing on your balcony. Im sorry you're depressed. Im sure this weather isnt helping. What's your next day off so we can go to MI? or, we should do a mass cook-off again.

sailu said...

Oh Christine,dont be so harsh on yourself.Its your mama's b'day....whip up an exotic dessert.Randi's suggestion of a mass cook-off seems fun...:)
It doesnt help worrying about the future.Live in the moment and enjoy the present..today and let's thank God for keeping us safe and all the good things He has give us.We sure can pray,the lest we can do..:)