Tuesday, March 28, 2006

4lbs of Mushrooms

At the grocery store yesterday I found these wonderful mushrooms on the clearance rack. They look fine to me and they were 99cents a bag! I weighed them when I got home and it was 4lbs of mushrooms. Since mushrooms are usually 1.99$ - 2.99$ a Lb I figure I got a good deal.

But what to do with them? I certainly couldn't make enough omelets and pasta sauce and fried mushrooms to use them all before they go bad. So I decided to make Duxelles.

I chopped 3.5 lbs of the mushrooms and sauteed them with some onion and some thyme. I added some white wine and let it simmer for a few hours. Once it was reduced I used the immersion blender to chop most of the mushrooms into a puree, but I left a few for texture.

This is the finished product. I froze it in ziplocs so we can use it whenever we want.

It goes great in pasta sauce, or omelets or sauces or over a steak or under the skin of a roasting chicken or mixed with butter or used as a vegetarian pate.

So if you ever get lucky on the mushroom front........

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Randi said...

Funny, I got 3lbs of portabella's and 3lbs of oyster mushrooms yesterday on clearance for 99 cents each too. Can you believe it. I chopped up the bellas and used them in a dish tonight, I froze 2 of them whole. I wonder if they will be ok. I also froze the oyster's whole. Btw, we went to the food basics by your house and it ROCKED!!