Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Bhudda Dog!

While we were in Picton for the weekend #1 Neice took us into town to pick up last minute party supplies. (she is #1 neice simply by virtue of being oldest) We also stopped off at Bhudda Dog for a mini lunch before the feasting.

Bhudda dog is a small restaurant that sells only hotdogs. But not just any hotdogs - oh no! These are mini dogs, made from organic leash-walked beef. They come on really cute buns with a range of gourmet toppings.

The back wall has a big map of the county as well as the menu written in chalk.

This was our lunch.

We each had two dogs and could have eaten a lot more if we werent saving ourselves for later. On the left are two dogs with brie and hot pepper jelly, in the middle are three "dogs of the day" with maple cheddar and chipotle aioli and the last one on the right is jalapeno mozzarella with guacamole.

All the cheeses are from a local maker, Black River Cheese. As many of the other ingredients are from local suppliers as well. (but obviously not the avocado in the Guac. I somehow don't think there is a local grower for that.)


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Randi said...

wow, all those exotic ingredients in Ontario. LOL